Discover Dartmoor's myths and legends

Dartmoor, Devon

Let your imagination run riot as you visit locations of well known Dartmoor legends.

For centuries the Dartmoor folklore and legends have encompassed tales of pixies, ghosts, witchcraft, weird happenings and a host of deep seated beliefs. These have been passed down through the generations via fireside stories, books, and local tradition all of which have played their part in keeping the tales alive today.

Today many of the stories and traditions have a logical explanation as to why or how they occurred. However it was not that long ago when superstition and belief was a very real factor in the minds of the folk living on the moor and part of everyday life. There can be no question that Dartmoor and its landscape has helped fire people’s beliefs and imagination.

From the thick mists that suddenly appear and roll across the moor to the dark, bottomless mires and the craggy granite tors, each lends an air of mystery and magic, all ripe for associated legends and tales. So when visiting Dartmoor why not take some time to journey into the past and witness for yourself the many mysterious places of the moor?

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Scorhill Stonecircle on DartmoorScorhill Stonecircle on Dartmoor © VisitDevon
Watern Tor on DartmoorWatern Tor on Dartmoor © VisitDevon
Houndtor on DartmoorHoundtor on Dartmoor © VisitDevon
Bonehill on DartmoorBonehill on Dartmoor © VisitDevon
Combestone on DartmoorCombestone on Dartmoor © VisitDevon

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