Nottingham incentives

Nottingham incentives

Nottingham incentives

Nottingham incentives


Ezekial Bone's Robin Hood Tours | Zero Latency | City of Caves | Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem


Take a tour with Robin Hood, discover a hidden world of caves or step into a virtual world, Nottingham has incentive group options to suit all tastes.


Ezekial Bone's Robin Hood Tours of Nottingham


Let Robin Hood show your groups around Nottingham’s sites of historic significance. Entertaining, educational and inspirational, Ezekial Bone’s character-led heritage tours capture the spirit of the city and explore the best places to see in Nottingham. 


Visit Ezekial Bone's Robin Hood Tours of Nottingham to find out more.






Zero Latency

Zero Latency, Nottingham, England

Zero Latency is a multi-player Virtual Reality (VR) experience where groups can enter a virtual world and compete, problem solve, or team up to take down zombies or rogue drones. 

Situated a Zombie's stagger from Nottingham city centre, meetspaceVR specialises in multiplayer, free roam VR games, where up to eight players can work together to explore alien worlds, investigate strange disturbances on spaceships and – yes, Walking Dead fans – battle hordes of the undead.

Visit Zero Latency to find out more.





City of Caves

City of Caves, Nottingham, England

Take groups underground to discover a secret world under their feet. 

City of Caves is part of a hidden maze of over 500 original sandstone caves underneath the streets of Nottingham, dating back to the dark ages. Investigate the social history of the caves and learn more about the events that once happened inside these fascinating underground dwellings. 

As part of group tours, guests will experience the Anderson air raid shelter where thousands of people sought refuge during World War II and explore the remnants of Drury Hill Victorian slums.

Visit City of Caves to find out more.



Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

ye_olde_trip_to_jerusalem, Nottingham, England

Nestled beneath the cliff on which Nottingham's historic castle stands, and once a well-known pit stop for crusader knights, the Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem pub is a must-see watering hole of historic proportions. 

It is said that King Richard the Lionheart and his men are more than likely to have gathered at this historic royal dwelling before journeying to Jerusalem in 1189AD, thus giving the pub its unusual name. 

Something of a cross between an inn and a museum, the pub features several bars, cosy nooks and snug lounges filled with curiosities and relics of Nottingham's history.


Visit Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem to find out more.



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