23 Instagram photos that sum up England perfectly

by Katie Rowe

Category: St George's Day
April 20 2017

We are overwhelmed by the crazy amount of photos we are tagged in by all you lovely Instagrammers and we’d like to thank each and every one of you for sharing your English adventures with us; our FOMO levels have reached new heights!

It’s never an easy job but we’ve managed to pick out 23 photos that we feel perfectly sum up England just in time for St George’s Day – see where we got the 23 from. ;) Drum roll please…

1) The land of the wonky buildings

This 15th-century house in Exeter was moved uphill to a new home on West St using massive iron rails.

2) Our gardens are unbeatable

Home to the world’s oldest maze, the glorious gardens of Hampton Court run all the way to the River Thames.

3) And so is our sense of humour

Notting Hill is probably one of the best places for those who #havethisthingwithdoors.

4) Beaches come with added extras

A post shared by The-Room (@the.room.blog) on

Bamburgh Castle is one of the country’s largest inhabited castles. It has been occupied since prehistoric times and has witnessed bloody battles and royal rebellion over the centuries.

5) Cities hold all kinds of secrets

A post shared by Tori (@unfoldtheday) on

This is Fig and Sparrow in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, a cute café-cum-shop selling trendy homewares and speciality coffee.

6) Medieval rubs shoulders with modern

A post shared by Steve Sulley (@stevesulley1) on

The Gherkin sits along side St Andrew Undershaft, a 15th-century church that survived the Great Fire of London and the Blitz.

7) There are a plethora of pubs with tales to tell

This ancient alehouse was frequented by workmen building Norwich Cathedral, located just around the corner.

8) Anyone for gin?

A post shared by Jillian Boys (@jillsyboys) on

This craft beer bar in Whitstable also has an extensive selection of gins, as you can probably tell.

9. Architectural feats are ten a penny

A post shared by Paddy (@paddyo.11) on

Joining Bristol with North Somerset, this Brunel masterpiece took 33 years to complete.

10) As are picture-perfect scenes like this

Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire ticks all the chocolate boxes with its Tudor-style pubs and tea shops.

11. You’ll find the unexpected just around the corner

A post shared by Jo (@on_the_jo) on

Perched precariously on the cliffs of the North Cornwall coast, the magical Tintagel Castle is said to be the birthplace of King Arthur.

12) Tea is always a good idea, especially in a thatched cottage

A post shared by BLondonPost (@blondonpost) on

If you think The Old Thatched Teashop in the Isle of Wight is cute now, wait until you its see fairy garden.

13. The weather can be unpredictable

We love this shot of Embleton Bay, just a stone's throw away from the dramatic ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle in Northumberland.

14) And at times sub-tropical

A post shared by RCI Europe (@rcieurope) on

Located 30 miles from Land's End, the sub-tropical Isles of Scilly flourish with succulents, palm trees and all kinds of wildlife including dolphins and seals.

15) Pooches are part of the furniture

Bring your dog along for a game of boules (there's a lawn in the garden) at The Railway Inn in Framlingham, Suffolk.

16) Our roasts are one of the world’s greatest comfort foods

Order the Sirloin of Local Hadrian’s Heritage Beef at The Blackbird, an elegant Tudor pub in Ponteland near Newcastle upon Tyne.

17) Whilst our street food is at times out of this world

Ice cream served with a cloud of candyfloss or in a peanut butter freakshake, count us in! Have you been to the Soft Serve Society in Shoreditch yet?

18) P.s have you ever tried a Bakewell Pudding? (not tart)

Made accidentally in the 19th century, the recipe for Derbyshire's famous pudding has been safely guarded ever since. See what the fuss is about at the Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop.

19) A casual coffee is often accompanied by a good dose of grandeur

For coffee and cake in lavish surroundings, minus a hefty bill, try the V&A's cafe.

20) Oh and how could we forgot about all those castles

Part of a World Heritage Site, along with Durham Cathedral, take a student-led tour of Durham Castle which was commissioned by William the Conqueror in 1072 to defend the peninsula.

21) Or the drama of our cathedrals

Have you ever seen the Imp of Lincoln Cathedral? Legend has it that it's actually a young demon turned to stone by an angel.

22) And then there are the hundreds of stately homes

Did you know the elizabethian Wollaton Hall in Nottinghamshire starred in The Dark Knight Trilogy as ‘Wayne Manor'.

23) And last but not least all that green and pleasant land

A post shared by Ricc Souza (@photo.ricc) on

This is High Cup Nick in the North Pennines, the second largest Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England.

Katie Rowe

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