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Economic Impact and Employment

VisitEngland and Optimal Economics have produced a Glossary of Economic Terms and how these relate to the tourism industry.

Office for National Statistics (ONS)

The economic impact of tourism in England is measured by the Tourism Intelligence Unit (TIU), part of the Office for National Statistics (ONS) .

The economic value of tourism

A number of publications are available from the TIU within the ONS. These can all be found on the ONS website under "The Economic Value of Tourism":

UK Tourism Satellite Account

A Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) is a method which uses demand (consumer spend) and supply (business turnover) information to calculate the value of tourism to the economy in terms of gross value added (GVA). This paper outlines an experimental approach for use in the UK.

The Sub-Regional Value of Tourism in the UK (2008)

This report estimates the economic value of tourism within the UK regions, sub-regions and local areas, including supply and demand data relating to tourism and tourism industries. 
"What is Tourism Worth?" (PDF,1.19MB) - a simple guide to this paper - brings together the key findings about tourism spend, tourism GVA and employment at a sub-regional level in an easy-to-read reference format.

The Sub-Regional Value of Tourism in the UK (2011)

An update of the 2008 work, looking at tourism spending and GVA across the regions and subregions of the UK 

Nowcasting Methodology (PDF, 139KB)

It is not possible to produce a Tourism Satellite Account for the most recent year, as the National Account data needed for its calculation is not published until two years after the reference year. This paper describes a methodology for “nowcasting” TSA results, using more recent data to produce more up-to-date results.

Supply Side of Tourism

This report includes an analysis of GVA, turnover and employment within tourism industries in the UK. A further report, Characteristics of Workers in Tourism (PDF, 1.81KB), provides further detail about tourism employment, including both geographic and demographic variables, while a local authority employment spreadsheet provides estimates of tourism employment for every local authority in the country.

Understanding the Supply Side of Tourism is a simple guide to this paper, bringing together the key findings from the TIU paper about sector outputs, employment and business numbers in an easy-to-read reference format.

Sustainable Tourism: A Review of Indicators

This report details a review and appraisal of sustainable tourism indicators undertaken by the TIU, drawing on a wide range of indicators currently in use from an international and domestic perspective.

Measuring tourism locally 

The TIU have produced a series of guidance notes, aimed at supporting those responsible for measuring tourism in their area. The set of notes comprises:

Guidance Note 1: Definitions of Tourism
Guidance Note 2: Local Economic Impact Modelling Approaches (PDF, 323KB)
Guidance Note 3: Undertaking Visitor Surveys (PDF, 176KB)
Guidance Note 4: Tourism Benchmarking and Performance Indicators (PDF, 156KB)
Guidance Note 5: Measuring the Supply Side of Tourism (PDF, 237KB
Guidance Note 6: Event Analysis and Evaluation (PDF, 270KB)

You may also be interested in other ONS resources…

Nomisweb – Official Labour Market Statistics

This site provides information about rates of employment across the country, and of particular relevance to tourism, provides employment figures for the tourism sector by local authority.

Tourism Publication Hub

On this portal you will find the official annual, quarterly and monthly releases from the International Passenger Survey (IPS). There are also links to a number of other tourism publications from all four nations of the UK.

Population Statistics

In this section of the ONS website, you will find documents with detailed population statistics for UK, by local authorities and by demographics.

HM Treasury Statistics

The Treasury publishes a range of economic data and forecasts

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